Harnessing the Power
of Nature for a
Sustainable Future

Welspun New Energy is advancing India’s Energy transition by creating
platforms for Renewable Energy and Green Hydrogen / Derivatives.

Platform for Renewable
Energy Development

We are creating both utility-scale (Wind, Solar & Hybrid/ RTC
projects) and rooftop solar projects to provide green power to
our clients.

Platform for Green
Hydrogen and Derivatives

We are developing assets to harness the power of nature to produce
green fuels that can decarbonize operations of sectors such as
Oil & Gas, Fertilizers, Shipping and Steel.

Inclusive Sustainability
& Ethical Governance

We ensure that our projects not only meet immediate needs but also align
with ESG principles, minimizing long-term negative impacts on the
environment and society.

Who we are
Sustainability forms the foundation of our endeavours at Welspun World. Welspun New Energy Limited marks the resurgence of Welspun World in the realm of sustainable energy. Previously, Welspun Energy stood as a prominent player in Renewable Energy, boasting a 1.1 GW operational capacity in 2016. Our expertise lies in delivering clean energy projects (Renewable and Green Hydrogen/derivatives). With ambitions to establish 5 GW of Renewable Energy and 2 MTPA of Green derivatives (Ammonia/Methanol) capacity by 2030, we aim to play a pivotal role in the global energy transition.
290 MW
Total Renewable Energy Capacity Under Execution
700 MW
Total Renewable Energy Capacity In Pipeline
112 KTPA
Green Ammonia Project Under Execution
1.9 MMTA
Green Ammonia/Methanol Projects In Pipeline
570,000 Tons
Projected CO² Reduction From Operational &
Under-Construction Projects
Green Energy Solutions for a Sustainable Future
Renewable Energy
We are currently implementing numerous Round-The-Clock Renewable Energy projects and rooftop projects, and maintain a robust pipeline spanning the nation. With a track record of delivering projects totalling 1.1 GW in capacity, we possess the internal capability to execute at speed.
Green Hydrogen & Derivatives
We are dedicated to develop projects to produce Green Hydrogen and its derivatives and supply green fuel to facilitate India’s and the global energy transition. We have created the essential infrastructure needed to execute these projects such as land for Renewable Energy and Green Hydrogen/ derivatives facilities.
Our Current Footprint
Welspun New Energy has its registered office in New Delhi, headquarter in Mumbai and projects across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka.
Our Projects
Commercial & Industrial
245 MW RE RTC (Under construction)
Rooftop Solar
10 MW Rooftop Project (Operational)
Utility RE Project Pipeline
700 MW Capacity
Green Hydrogen / Derivative (Under execution)
20 KTPA Green Hydrogen / 115 KTPA Green Ammonia
Green Hydrogen / Derivative (Pipeline)
340 KTPA Green Hydrogen /1.9 MMTPA equivalent derivative
Our Core Values
Learn, unlearn & relearn -
discover something new
Do things differently and
do different things
Make truth &
transparency a virtue
Push beyond your limits
and aspire for more